Heat recovery from DHW Heater...

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Heat recovery from DHW Heater...

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An immediate benefit to owners of all-electric homes is GFX's power-boost; enough to triple the shower-capacity of tank-type water heaters and halve the cost of a shower. For example, if GFX boosts cold water temperatures by 30 degrees, it's feeding back about 10 kW of power; more than enough to triple your family's showering-time and save 2 kW of energy per 12-minute shower. This means if you pay 8.5 cents to 17 cents per kWh for electricity and your yellow water heater sticker shows an efficiency rating (energy factor) of 85%, GFX could save you 20 cents to 40 cents per shower, depending upon where you live and type of showerhead installed.

GFX is an award-winning plumbing product developed under a U.S. Department of Energy Grant; engineered to feed back enormous amounts of energy carried down the drain -- energy equivalent to "2 billion gallons of oil" annually wasted in the U,S. alone according to their evaluation. Adding multi-housing, commercial, industrial, state and federal usage increases potential savings to over 7 billion equivalent gallons of oil per year. In fact, about a trillion kWh (= 3413 trillion Btu) go down America’s drains each year. One Btu is required to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree-F and there are 8.34 pounds in every gallon. Every unit of electrical energy delivered to millions of electric water heaters requires about 3.2 times as much fuel-energy be consumed at electric power plants. Millions of archaic gas and oil water heating systems are also very inefficient, as discussed in an A.D. Little Report for DOE & EEI. Consequently, far more than 3413 trillion Btu/yr go up smoke stacks used to produce heat or electricity for the billions of gallons of hot water Americans send down their drains.

According to U.S. EPA standards, if just 6 million electric water heating systems were to be upgraded by GFX, carbon dioxide emissions would drop by more that 20 million tons per year; the amount released by burning 1.8 billion gallons of oil.

http://gfxtechnology.com /contents.html

Its less expensive than a complete solar system, no parts to break or ware out needing replacement, and the data speaks for itself. Soomething simple that works.

David Rygwalski (arcandspark)
(The Dallas Alternative Energy Meetup Group)

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