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Thought it would be nice to let you lot know what is going on and any future plans etc.
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Andy Hamilton
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Site rules

Post: # 1532Post Andy Hamilton
Wed Mar 16, 2005 2:41 pm

I think it is safe to say that this is now a pretty well established forum, so do you think we should have any site rules? Do we need any? Obvioulsy if someone came on and abused everyone for no reason and with ablosutley no merit to it. I would ban them and delete their posts. Other than that are there any rules YOU want to see.

I don't want to be dictorial just try and keep it a good forum,so as it is your forum too I am open to any suggestions. Then perhaps I will come up with a bunch of rules that we can all say yes or no to.

How that sound?
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Tom Good
Tom Good
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Post: # 1533Post leedarkwood
Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:35 pm

I think every community needs rules, even if they are very loose ones. You might read the ones on acountrylife for some starting points?

Living the good life
Living the good life
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Post: # 1562Post diver
Thu Mar 17, 2005 8:10 pm

it's hard to think of any rules except the obvious ones of decency and respect for the opinions of others, however I am open to any rules that people think are needed

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