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I've just thought of a third (or is that fifth? :roll:) NY resolution.

Well, it's not really a resolution but something I've been thinking about and we've talked about on here from time to time.

I finally achieved my ambition of having home grown tomatoes for breakfast this Christmas. (We did manage it one year in our greenhouse in back in Manchester but have come nowhere near that since moving up here). We grew them hydroponically in a little unit we bought last year. However, we're using the bought in growing solution and I'd really to make my own.

Anyone (Odsox :lol: ) got anywhere with this?

I've thought of nettle and comfrey tea, but although that's a wonderful supplement for growing in soil, I'm not sure that's enough, nutritionally, for hydroponic growing. I've had some other ideas -

I get an organic chicken carcass with my weekly veg box which goes in the slow cooker and gives us enough broth for a week. What do you think to doing an extra days cooking for the tomatoes? I already cook it for two days to get most of the nutrition out for us. Is there anything left for the poor plants after that?

Living by the sea we have no problem accessing seaweed. I always worry about the of salt quantities and I'm thinking that would be even greater in solution.

Epsom salts seem like a good idea - we always gave our greenhouse tomatoes the occasional dose.

I'm not sure how critical getting the right ratios is. Soil is soil and you can add to it a bit but starting from just water is a bit daunting.

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