Cycling, trains, walking. This is the place to talk about how good or bad cycle routes are, mention great train journeys, talk about car sharing schemes or husky travel. Anything in fact that is about transport that is a little alternative.
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I have recently electrified my trusty old bike with one of these - https://www.swytchbike.com/

It is really ace. well so far anyway.

Basically you swap your front wheel for their motor-wheel, add a battery basket and a pedal sensor and you're good to go. On full power the thrust is really impressive. Up any normal hill is so easy, and accelerating away from a standing start is great. It cuts out at 15 mph (UK/EU laws) so you find yourself travelling everywhere around 15mph in a higher gear than normal. And you can choose how much pedal assist you want.

Very impressed. Love it. Running it is as green as your electricity source/supplier. Made in China. 25 or 50 miles range options (est'd at half-power.)

It's the fastest way for me to get to work. (walking= 30 mins, car = 20--25 mins, ebike = 10 mins).

NB - when I said "recently" - I ordered it (it was a kickstarter type thing) back in July 2018 for delivery Sep/Oct. It only arrived a few weeks ago!

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Re: e-bike

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Looks like a great idea. I'm afraid it's a bit out of my price range but if you use it to get to work etc I can see it would pay for itself quite quickly.

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