Rainwater harvesting

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Rainwater harvesting

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Just finished the final touches to my new barn.
2 IBCs connected to the gutter with a bit of a plumber's nightmare of plastic pipes. The first tank fills automatically due to the swept "T" connector, and when full a captive ping pong ball inside the tank stops the flow (like a snorkel valve), which then directs the flow to the second tank. The same happens when the second tank is full and the water then overflows out of the header tank to the drain.

Unless my maths are way out, which is likely, as the roof area is about 8m x 4m, every centimetre of rain should net me 320 litres.
Should come in handy for irrigating the 2 polytunnels a few feet away.
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Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Rainwater harvesting

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Ah, Tony, this made me laugh out loud. (Not your beautiful barn and plumbing by the way). It was the thought of irrigating the polytunnel wot dun it.

Our polytunnel suffered some interesting damage in the January storms, some hoops have actually been warped, albeit only slightly. We've recovered it with the polycarbonate we managed to find (one piece disappeared entirely - we've no idea where that went :dontknow: ) but because of the distorted frame we now have ventilation (read rain gulleys) in between each sheet. No need for any sophisticated watering system here. :lol:

But your barn and pipework look wonderful. Have you got room for a bed in there for me?

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Re: Rainwater harvesting

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That looks far more professional than what I'm planning for my shed... But I will need some guttering and a down pipe to my rainwater butt (which so far I've been filling with a bucket!). Haven't even found out yet where to get all those bits and pieces I'll need...
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Re: Rainwater harvesting

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You're cool Tony, with your ping-pong valves
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