Proactive Permaculture Peasants

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Proactive Permaculture Peasants

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Hello Permaculture brothers and sisters in the south west, we would be very greatful it you can look at this urgent campaign and find it worthy of your support, by passing it to your networks of like minded people. ..*This link to see update film. = This link to sponsor*

*This campaign ends in under a weeks time (28 Jan 13.27).

Proactive Permaculture Peasants Plea and give thanks for support.

An attempt to spin and expand shiny interwoven threads through a video update.(22 Jan 2013).

This short film reveals the bigger picture and helps you understand why it is important to support this valuable, exemplary roots eco- project that is good for everyone. Additionally it contains sincere thanks to those who have backed the straw bale roundhouse campaign.

Having a homebase will enable us to create more spirals of earth care, people care and fair share. Let’s all be the change we want to see in the world. Let us create food forests and gardens in our communities, on urban wastelands, in our back gardens, farms, large, medium or small.

Take positive action that will create ripples and bring a ‘solution revolution’ as we mould and feel our way to the fruitfulness of the earth. At this point in history, the survival of the whole world depends upon our sharing what we have and working together.

Love Peace & Unity

The Karuna family.

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Re: Proactive Permaculture Peasants

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Sorry too busy buying various kitchens.....Oh,welcome to the forum by the way......

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Re: Proactive Permaculture Peasants

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This isn't a kitchen advert? Oh.. never mind..
Curently collecting recipes for The Little Book of Liqueurs..

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Re: Proactive Permaculture Peasants

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Ah now, I would happily donate a bale of straw so I would

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