coat rack

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coat rack

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Ho All my Hubby made a lovely coat rack for the wall but it says the file is too big to show how do I make picture files smaller?I only take them with my phone then bluetooth them to the pc and this is about as technical as I get any advice as I am always making things and am unable to share them.
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Re: coat rack

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If you have microsoft picture manager you can quite easily resize them. Just right click on the photo, select Open With... and choose picture manager. Once open highlight the image and on the right there should be a resize option. In there you can ask it to make the image a percentage of it's original size. Hopefully this will help a little.


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Re: coat rack

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I always use Irfanview a free graphics program
If you download it, load you picture (File > open) and when your picture is on the screen click on "Image" on the top bar and choose "Resize/resample" and choose 640 x 480, click "OK" and save the new picture.
Hope that helps.

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