National garden share scheme

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National garden share scheme

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Dear All

As you probably know there are huge waiting lists for allotment space all over the country and as you are also probably aware there is an awful lot of garden space not being used by the occupiers of the property, either through ill health, disability or lack of interest or motivation. I would like to bring as many willing gardeners together with as many garden owners as possible. Thousands of properties have gardens but many are too large for the home occupiers to maintain themselves or they are simply not interested in gardening. I know this is not a new idea but I don't think anyone is trying seriously to make a difference nationally. I’m aware of the Channel 4 landshare scheme but they just seem to be collecting data.

As payment for use of the garden the gardener will provide a range of produce to the occupiers throughout the year as well as pay a small rent. In the community favour many unsightly and overgrown gardens will be given a new lease of life and much needed garden space will be made available for people awaiting allotments or who are not fortunate enough to have gardens of their own. And both parties will be protected by a short tenancy agreement. I am also trying to engage a number of local authorities, almo's and rsl's in the scheme.

I intend this to be a national initiative and have been compiling a list of garden owners with space they are willing to let be used by gardeners. So anyone looking for space anywhere in the country please contact me and I will find you somewhere. Similarly if you have space that you can’t maintain yourself then we want to hear from you too.

The web site is



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