What are you sowing ATM (Autumn)

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Re: What are you sowing ATM (Autumn)

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I've put garlic in on the older plot which I know is up to scratch with the soil and some winter onions in a corner on the new plot. We'll see. At the moment I'm bringing on cuttings - I've been given gooseberries and raspberries that have been struck but no-one had potted them on. They will do for the new plot when they are considerably bigger. I've also been given a fushia someone discovered when clearing his garden and re-arranging it. That will need to stand in a bigger pot over the winter to get good roots. Have found some chives which can move over and think I have a couple of cranesbill geranium which can be bought on over the winter outside in tubs. It's a very large allotment and needs a lot of "stuff" to get it set up now that it is sort of cleared (well the second dig and composting is throwing up the small stuff that got missed when the big stuff came out).

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Re: What are you sowing ATM (Autumn)

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I planted peas and broad beans to over-winter. Garlic is also in and swedes are growing happily, hopefully can harvest something in a month.

I have also planted half of the allotment with a commercial cover crop seed mixture, leftovers from work. So, I got nice mixture of legumes, oil radish, etc. growing in the bare bits ready to be turned over early February :) Quite excited to see how that all works. Initial observations show that it least it has massively reduced growth of weeds and should nicely improve the structure and not let my clay(ish) soil not get as soggy and water-logged for as long.

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