Planning permission

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Planning permission

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We've had loads of enquiries, from time to time, about getting planning permission in rural areas.

Just saw this and thought it might be useful. ... pment-land

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Re: Planning permission

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The really useful part of this is the link to Chapter 7.

The article does not entirely acurately portray planning law. Although their is a 28 day process for agricultural buildings that is not technically planning permission, it feels not entirely unlike applying for planning permission when you go through the process. Also, the granting of permission for an agricultural building does not necesarily give a right to live on the land whilst building it.
To gain permission for an Essential Dwelling for an agricultural, forestry or other rural enterprise, you have to prove:
A firm intention to carry out your business plans
That your business is financially viable
That your business requires you to live on the land. (breeding animals are rarely taken as enough reason on their own as they would say that farmers manage to do it on outlying land, not that it never works)

None of this is impossible, but don't be fooled that it is straightforward.

Really, if anyone wants to look into this I can't give better advice than, look at:

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Re: Planning permission

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