What 'wool' for socks?

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Re: What 'wool' for socks?

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Rosey, I'm using 2 strands of DK acrylic rubbish for my socks, or 1 strand of chunky acrylic - and so far, so good!

I have been making welly socks, so they are knee-length, but I also have a pair of short thin socks on first, so maybe that's why these are lasting ok.

As for the heel - did you ever check The Crochet Crowd out on youtube? Mikey's way doesn't create such big holes on the turns.
Mikey has done the vids for sock making here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv ... ion_479442

He has made a full complete video, then he chopped it up into individual row steps & is very easy to follow. Oh he's a superstar!

And aren't long looms great? I have the bed cover on the round orange loom, but have found that even the long looms can be used the same way & have made a 2nd 'handy' (think fingerless mitt) this morning while doing everything else - superwoman day for me :lol:
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Re: What 'wool' for socks?

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Thanks everyone. Julie that's the same link I put above.I couldn't follow it at the heel - I can't tell what he's counting and he looms in the opposite direction to me. One day when I have a decent level of concentration (and a bit of peace and quiet) I'll take another look, but for now I'm happy to sew the holes up.

Next time I go out buying wool I'll take notes from this thread and hopefully I'll end up with some nice strong socks. Thanks again friends :cheers:
Rosey xx

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Re: What 'wool' for socks?

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sheep wools:- Merino is too delicate, but Romney and Cheviot are pretty tough so far

there are some 4ply (4fahig) yarns in the shops (and on ebay) 70/30 or 80/20 % or thereabouts with nylon or acrylic that I'm knitting just now
but havent foot-tested them yet as most of the latest makes were Yule presents so I'll have to wait for the recipients to complain or otherwise.

All acrylic lasts and doesn't felt but it's just not wool (I have noticed how amazing proper wool socks are)
as Berti said the 'sock yarn' wools are tighter spun and should last better

I have a couple of pairs that I added a sole knitted with rug yarn and stitched it to the sole - probly good as welly socks but I've been wearing them as slippers

enjoy your sock making :mrgreen:
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Re: What 'wool' for socks?

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Whatever wool you use try switching to slightly smaller needles on the heel and ball of the foot. This makes the fabric denser and tougher. If you're also using a yarn with wool in that's a little fluffy you'll find that these denser areas mesh together to form a type of felt. The result is tough, thick, non-holey and hard wearing.

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