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Please keep your posts about natural health and beauty things! This is another popular demand section. So don't prove us wrong and fill it with posts about natural face masks, herbal medicine and anything else you think belongs here.
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Annpan wrote:.........Doctors are infamous for not washing their hands, so I don't know that I would trust their advice on hygiene :pale: :lol:
I trust my medical types, they are theatre nurses, pharmacists, first responders, and medical technicians in the main - they know the drill :drunken:
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Sorry to sound rude but why do you want bactericidal soap? Your body is covered in bacteria which help protect it from colonisation by harmful bacteria. Bactericides don't discriminate. Soap and water is perfectly adequate for keeping you clean.

Also, some of the research done about the harmful effects of oils is distinctly iffy. But even if there's any truth in them , it only becomes problematic if you're sticking huge quantities of essential oils in places where they aren't required. (Sorry for the tant - as an Aromatherapist I'm watching my profession being slowly destroyed by scaremongering).

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I think there will always be somebody who reacts adversely to anything - whether essential oil or "ordinary" foodstuffs like strawberries. And there'll never be a test for everything to assure that what you use won't affect you, so it'll always be a bit of trial and error...

I use bactericidal soap (possibly something else -cidal, too) for lambing time, or when I've handled a sick animal. Special vet handwash. Otherwise I prefer soap and water.
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ina wrote:I do that with bits of leftover soap - but I've never managed to get it the right consistency to work in the bottles! Maybe it's just fairy soap that's right for it? :?

I generally use the resulting jelly-like mass for the washing machine.
I think this is pretty common with the dissolving-bars-into-water method. You could try adding some vodka: apparently that helps with the 'snottiness' slightly!

Meanwhile, I'm trying out homemade liquid soap with KOH instead of sodium hydroxide. So far, so good.

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I quite like the snottiness of household home made soft soap.
I also made some into a scrub for hubby and it gets ingrained oil off his hands too.

I like making soft soap, and the great thing is if I "accidentally" let it boil over and spill on my cooked I can basically peel all the crap off along with the soap when it's cool and jellified.
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