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by nicola1968
Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:44 pm
Forum: The ish Local - (Chat)
Topic: spoilt or not spoilt??
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Re: spoilt or not spoilt??

I'm afraid I'm quite "tight" at Christmas on presents. Its not about lots and lots of money and flash presents, it should be all about spending time together with your family and friends. I was shocked today when I picked DS up from nursery school and found that one of his peers was given a DS for C...
by nicola1968
Thu Jan 05, 2012 5:45 pm
Forum: Health and Beauty
Topic: menstrual cup
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Re: menstrual cup

Sorry I've just found this thread but I wanted to say that I have a mooncup and love it (as much as you can ....) I also use washable pads and really like the Wemoon brand. They come in lots of different thicknesses and wash really well. DH gets completely icked out but I've never really cared ........
by nicola1968
Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:52 pm
Forum: Home Brew and other Country Skills
Topic: Where can I buy small bottles??
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Where can I buy small bottles??

I'm not entirely sure that I'm in the right place for this (I'm new, you know ...) but I'm going to ask away anyway. I've been making some vanilla extract and its currently in 500ml bottles but I'd like to decant it into something smaller - 250ml or even 125ml. Does anyone know where I can buy reaso...
by nicola1968
Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:49 pm
Forum: Welcome New People Say Hello
Topic: Hello from Hampshire
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Hello from Hampshire

Hello all, I am Nicola some of you may know me from facebook ... I live in Hants (the clue is in the title ...) with dh, three boys and a teeny tiny toy poodle. We used to keep chickens but rehomed them prior to our recent relocation to Hampshire (we've been here 6 weeks) I'm also not growing in the...