How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Re: How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Yes, you will be tired, you won't have much energy for much else for a good few months, you might even find yourself grabbing a bit of sleep during the day instead of going out gardening, but once you have settled into a routine and you get to understand what your baby is about things will settle down and it is great to take them outside in the pram to get some fresh air, babies always used to be pushed into the garden to sleep. When they start toddling is the critical time, you do have to watch them like hawks as they eat everything and fall down all the time. If I had things to do that I wanted to get done without constant interruption, I used to get up an hour before everyone else and get stuff done and of course in the summer there is more daylight hours so you can get out and do a few hours in the evening when you have put your child to bed, my daughter always went to bed at 5pm when she was small and slept all through, we even threw a party and she didn't wake up, I don't really understand much about children but I always kept dogs and just brought her up the same as a dog

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Re: How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Kids and dogs just go together.

Playpens in the garden are good; we had one in the cattle yards (cattle free working area) for our grand daughter for a while
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Re: How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Just remember, Bonnie, that brand new babies sleep - a lot. As long as they're within hearing distance you'll find you've got lots of time to potter in the garden, nap, knit, read or do whatever you want really. I had mine strapped to my chest and we went all over and did all sorts of things.

Don't worry about your garden plans - carry on and see what happens. All of it will be an adventure. :flower:

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Re: How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Hi Bonnie
That's fantastic news, congratulations and good luck.

I've not got much advice to offer that hasn't already been said except that the fabric can slow down the water flow a little and cause it to run off if you're not careful. If you use the ridge and furrow method and water in the furrow, dam the ends of the furrows so the water won't run off and can soak in.

Alternatively, make life even easier for yourself and pop a soaker hose under the fabric.

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Re: How do you water potatoes through fabric?

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Thanks Zoe :-)

Good point - didn't think about damming the ends. Will give that a go.
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