Spindly asparagus

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Spindly asparagus

Post: # 273885Post Annemieke
Sun May 12, 2013 11:56 am

We've had our asparagus bed for some 15 years. This year, as always lately, a lot of very thin ones come up, along with, luckily, fat ones as well.
I've heard it say that the thin ones are the female ones :wink: - is it a good idea to pull them up, or should I keep them and let them grow with the others later on?
Or is it a sign that the bed has run its course and I should think of starting a new one?
I feed them compost every winter.
Leave them to it, or weed out the thin ones, what should I do?
Thank you!
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Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: Spindly asparagus

Post: # 273894Post Pumkinpie
Sun May 12, 2013 3:10 pm

I have only a few weak thin asparagus this year. I am wondering if I have lost some of mine because of the heavy frosts . I don't think I put enough compost on to protect it I the autumn. I think I might start a new bed too. I read that about 20 years should be the productive life of a good asparagus bed.

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