58mm solar thermal system for sale/swap

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Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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58mm solar thermal system for sale/swap

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Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:40 am

Got this on eBay at the moment, but in the light of my green ideals I would perfer if I could swap it for something.

I know the system will sale for around £280-£300 odd. but hey ho

Idealy I am looking for:

• Canon 550D/600D DSLR Digital Camera
• Large solar panels x2 (ideally working off 12v and over 100watts)
• Mini Wind Turbine (again 12v) over 400watt please
• Stainless steel stright twin wall flues (1x 1m and 1x 0.5m)
• Laptop with 'Blu-Ray' player not DVD! - can be faulty or working
• English Longbow (long shot ;) )

Got some of those and you need a 58mm 20x tube solar system - get in touch

Mick :flower: (located in Lincoln)

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