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Re: What are you reading?

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Fri Sep 19, 2014 2:00 pm

I think my aunt (now late 80s) is the only relative of that generation I have left; she is back in Leipzig now, although she spent several decades with my father in north-west Germany. She could identify all sorts of mushrooms and berries, no trouble. Maybe her children (all around 60 now) still know a lot about it, too. Unfortunately none of them live anywhere near Berlin...

Oh yes, I've known people who see the wonderful apples off the tee in their back garden as rubbish that needs to be disposed of, and then go and buy stuff in the supermarket... Too much money, not enough common sense! Where I last lived in Germany before moving here (right in the centre of Germany, northern Hessen), the surrounding country side was full of old orchards, fruit trees along the roads, brambles and raspberries and elderberries everywhere, mushrooms in the woods... I really miss that here.

But to get back to the subject of books - I'm reading my way through Boris Akunin at the moment. Historical, Russian detective stories.
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