Radish ponderings

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Re: Radish ponderings

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I've eaten my first pods this year and they are very nice. I've heard they are good in curries.
I've only eaten the baby leaves added to a salad, didnt like the taste of the bigger ones.
You can also eat turnip leaves and beatroot too can't you?

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Re: Radish ponderings

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grahamhobbs wrote:I've eaten a handful of pods at a time, when they are young and fresh, and they are ok, but what do the Germans do with them that they need to breed special varieties. I can't imagine what you could do with the hundreds of pods that one plant will produce. Any really tastey recipes for preserving them ?
Maybe you could add them to a chutney recipe.... Runner bean and radish pod chutney? Green tomato and radish pod?

Just thinking as I type!

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