Weed killing on lawns

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Re: Weed killing on lawns

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KathyLauren wrote:
Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:25 pm
In a lot of places here, the use of herbicides for cosmetic purposes (i.e. killing weeds in a lawn) is not permitted. We like a "lawn" that looks like reclaimed forest floor. When we have bare patches, we seed them with a mix of grass and clover seed.
I wish they'd do that here. Instead, the council goes round spraying off anything that grows around the edges of green (and gravel) spaces - which looks awful. I tried to grow some flowering plants (nasturtiums, daffodils etc) along my fence - alas, as the green area outside my garden belongs to the council, everything gets killed off. I also suspect that neighbours on the other side of the garden, where I am trying to grow veg, have used weedkiller along the fence and have not been too careful where they spray, as my veg aren't doing too well on that area this year. Highly annoying (apart from the fact that I don't want food that's been sprayed with chemicals!).
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Re: Weed killing on lawns

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I'm guessing the no-spray, neutral zone that I understand farmers have to observe at property boundaries doesn't apply to Councils. Unfortunately it never applied to neighbours!

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