An Post's Address Pal service

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Re: An Post's Address Pal service

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When I first read this post DnD I thought it would be ideal for an order at Real Seed Co, as they charge about £9 postage to Ireland. But now I see they have altered their rates for Ireland and it's now £3.99 for non weighty items, so €3.50 on top of their UK rate of £1.96 wouldn't make any sense.
They still charge Registered Post for France and Spain though

You have to watch out, so I think I will probably only use Address Pal for xenophobic UK companies who are "UK only"

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: An Post's Address Pal service

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my friend is just using the service to send me a leather jacket, she is sending it second class post so under a fiver and then 3.50 euro to pay at the post office, that coat would have cost about 20 quid to send if it was direct to me, so possibly very useful if you have UK family that want to send you stuff, I agree you will have to be selective about what you get sent, but it is nice to have another option to use

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