Gardening App's for the Iphone 4

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Gardening App's for the Iphone 4

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I have seen many 'Gardening' apps for the Iphone 4, I was wondering if anyone here has used any of them and which ones you thought were worth the download?
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margo - newbie
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Re: Gardening App's for the Iphone 4

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Lifehacker now has an app. It's a great site, not strictly gardening, but I read a post only today called "Companion Gardening" and they often feature "ish"ish tricks.

I've only ever followed it via a "reader" (google reader) but i'm sure the app is just a neat presentation of what you would see in any blog aggregator.

Quick google gives me this ... touch.html .

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Re: Gardening App's for the Iphone 4

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To be honest, so far I have steered clear of nature & gardening apps as apart from the RHS one they are all silly prices and are designed for the USA and while there may be some use it will be limited compared to an app designed for the UK or Western Europe due to the nature of ecosystems (ie they got stuff we haven't got, our stuff becomes a weed over there & vice versa former & latter)
even wild plant identification apps don't seem to work with our native & naturalised species.

It seems while Americans will happily compile & design apps for their region, our gardeners are too busy in the garden!
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