Guidelines for submitting an article

Post your articles or photos here for possible inclusion on the main site. Please read the guidelines before posting.
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Guidelines for submitting an article

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Hope these guidelines don't sound too harsh!

1. Articles must be about a topic, kept on that topic and above all else be interesting
2. No offensive language is to be used
3. Please don't say anything libelous or illegal
4. Don't use copyrighted material without permission (including images)
5. Articles to be posted as forum postings and Photos to be no bigger than 200 x 200 pixels.
6. All work must be truthful either by practical knowledge, written information or very strong anecdotal evidence. Unfounded wild claims and accusations will not be published.

As the articles will first be published as a forum posting you might get comments regarding your work. We ask every one to keep these as positive as possible in other words - constructive criticism only.

This is an experimental section of ish so fingers crossed!
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