Basics of Ishness/Please Read/Rules/Photos/Avatars

This is the place to discuss not just allotments but all general gardening problems and queries which don't fit into the specific categories below.
(formerly allotments and tips, hints and problems)
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Basics of Ishness/Please Read/Rules/Photos/Avatars

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How to join the forum and the basics of Ishness

Click on register at the top under the google advert the bit with a tick next to it.
Fill out a username of your choice, type your email address twice as directed and type your chosen password twice.
Then on the confirmation code bit type whatever you see in the box above.
That should register you.

Any problems e-mail

The following are the golden rules of Selfsufficientish - please read them and be excellent to each other.


Limited advertising, for ethical products and services (this means a link to your web site on your signature and one other post in the links section) is allowed to active members of the forum. We do not consider a member active until they have made 25 posts or more.

Individuals not affiliated with any company, selling or swapping their wares more than once may be accepted at the discretion of the Moderators. Anybody joining the forum for the sole intent of advertising, even an ethical product, or posting about one single concept risks being considered spam and having their posting/s deleted. So please introduce yourself and join in the forum first.

We will delete any post that is obviously spam or what we moderators call unethical. and all the moderators/admin take no responsibility regarding, nor do we endorse any product that you see on this site, other than the great book "The Self sufficient-ish Bible". People using the forum purely for advertising may be invoiced.

Anyone who uses the PM facility to spam members risks immediate banning from the group.

Being Nice

The clue is in the title "be nice". Treat others as you would wish to be treated, and will continue to be a happy group. There is no need for throwing insults or names at each other, perhaps take some time out and try to see things from a distance. Selfsufficientish prides itself on being friendly and welcoming.

If you have a problem with another member try and sort it out with them, if this does not work or you feel threatened by someone then please contact a moderator.

Being Offended/Difference of Opinion

For time to time people might disagree with you, they might even say something that you find offensive. We try our best not to censor Selfsufficientish and allow a lot of leeway, try to do the same yourself and help to uphold our right of free speech.

We cannot be held legally responsible for anything anyone says on this forum, however if you feel we should be aware of something then do let us know.

We don't like bullies, I am sure we all had enough of that at school. If you feel like you are being bullied let us know.

The views of our members and indeed our admin/moderators are not necessarily the views of Selfsufficientish.

Personal Information

Don't post personal info, save that for PMs. This includes addresses, phone numbers, postcodes, inside leg measurements, etc. Remember that this is a public forum and anyone could be looking at your posts, including THEM!


We all want to share photos of our selfsufficientish exploits and this is encouraged but please ensure that you keep photos on topic.

We must repeat that this is a public forum and anyone could be looking at your photos; please ensure that any people in the photos have given their full and expressed permission to have that photo published on the internet. Take necessary precautions to protect any children who might be in photos and be aware that there are unsavoury characters out there.

Photos of an adult nature will be deleted as soon as we see them, so let us know if you see any.

Failure to comply with these suggestions will result in all round tutting. If Moderators are hungover, suffering from PMT, general stress and/or grumpiness your post may be deleted without further notice! reserves the right to change these rules at the drop of a hat, chances are it will take a while if we do. I mean it took 4 years to come up with these!


Since the first days of this forum back in 2004 we have had 'The Good Life' avatars next to members' posts. The more you post the higher up the good life ranking you go. This is a breakdown of the rankings.

margo - newbie 0 - 24
Jerry - Bit higher than newbie 25-49
Tom Good 50-99
Barbara Good 100-199
Living the good life (all 4 of them) 200-500

A Selfsufficientish Regular 500 + Your own choice of avatar

This can cause confusion as at times everyone looks like they have the same avatar, so we encourage you to upload your own to use alongside this avatar or pick one from our selection. The maximum size of avatars is 120 x 200 pixels.

The Admin team are: Andy Hamilton, Wombat, John Headstrong, Shirley, Annpan, Milims, Green Aura, SusieGee, Odsox, Frozen Thunderbolt and occasionally Dave Hamilton.
We are all happy, friendly volunteers with selfsufficientish lives of our own, we cannot always be online and we cannot serve your every whim but please do contact us if it is appropriate.
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