Please help with a horse

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Re: Please help with a horse

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Trinder,I totally get where you are coming from lol!I used to look after horses myself when much younger,and still love them.I think you've offered the OP excellent advice hon.

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Re: Please help with a horse

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Soo sorry, we've not had the internet and home and I've been poorly so that's why I've not bene on here for ages.

I think that I would offer to do it again as I feel that new experiences are good and learning isn't that bad either and I need more time to really put into practice the advice I was given, I have two small boys so couldn't give peanut the time I might try to if I did it again.

There is certainly more I could have done though and after more time I'm sure I would have gotten more comfortable with it all.

It did tell me that I am not into horses and so not to spend out a lot of money on horsey courses to then go and work with them! But I will still ride for pleasure every now and again and see how it goes.

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