Broken Kitty!

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Re: Broken Kitty!

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Kitty update:

She's confined to the hallway which has nothing she can jump up on and we've got her a slim cat feeding ball and a new toy to try and keep her occupied as the poor baby is really bored. She's escaped a couple of times and just jumped straight up on the bed :roll: ! The vet has said we need to stop her jumping up for at least 3 weeks, maybe longer, thats going to be more and more difficult I think as she starts to feel better.

The final bill is looking like nearly a grand but the insurance should cover that (apart from the evil excess!) I hope!

I'm just so relieved that she's ok :cheers: and that she's a stoical little moggy and doesn't miaow or whine about anything, even when she's shut away.

I'll try and post a pick of her baldy backend later, she's long haired so its not the most flattering look! :iconbiggrin:

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Re: Broken Kitty!

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Glad to hear she is on the mend.

Have you thought about getting a "puppy pen/cage" to put her in, that way she can be in the room with you but unable to jump.

Sue :flower:
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Re: Broken Kitty!

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Ahhh glad she is doing OK. My puss has only just lost the shaved rectangle from his back from a biopsy, that was in May last year! It's amazing how long it takes for their thick coats to grow back fully!
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