Stringless runner beans?

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Re: Stringless runner beans?

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OJ, I've tried salted runner beans, I've tried frozen runner beans, I've tried canned runner beans and they all taste like crap after a month or so.
Many, many years ago I grew far too many runner beans and went and bought a chest freezer (back in the days when freezers were only just becoming available to common folk). We froze a helping just to make sure they froze OK, then took it out a few days later and, lo and behold it tasted pretty much like freshly picked runners. We froze enough to feed the five thousand, and some months later found out the hard way that frozen beans have about a 3 month freezer life. :pukeright:
I made lots of compost that year.

You missed the point about storing French beans, I eat them fresh in two ways and store as dried haricot beans.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Stringless runner beans?

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MKG wrote:Those old and stringy and tough dried out runner beans can also be shelled, dried completely (I recommend packing them with rice grains) and eaten during the dark months. And very nice they are too.

Rice grains - that's a good tip. I thought I'd dried mine thoroughly before storing last year, but obviously not, as they went mouldy in the jar. I'll add some rice this year.

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Re: Stringless runner beans?

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Tony,good point taken re your haricot beans.Something, however ,has gone seriously tilt if salted runners only last a couple of months.ours will do 6 (never tried longer) and they're good as fresh.

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