Find a hidden covered and turfed over well

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Re: Find a hidden covered and turfed over well

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gregorach wrote:Chances are that there's a horizontal fissure... Could be that you could sink a well anywhere and hit water.
Possibly, but no way of really knowing without drilling 60 foot holes in random places all over my property. :iconbiggrin:

I would point out though that the place the diviner "chose" was just about the worst place on my land to manoeuvre a drilling rig.

Disclaimer: I almost certainly haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

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Re: Find a hidden covered and turfed over well

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Thanks for all of the helpful replies. I have spent the last couple of months building a new workshop. After speaking to the neighbour he told me that on of the wells is probably underneath the newly built workshop. The other probably underneath the deadly decking fitted by the bad taste developer who 'renovated' my old house. My Dad (who was brought up on a farm) also told me to use diviners to find the well. I will look for the wells once the workshop is fully erected.

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Re: Find a hidden covered and turfed over well

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Dowsings a good way to go. I'm about 80% accurate and one of my lil bro's is scary perfect. No family history, heard of it, had a go and we nailed it first time! Coathanger L rods all the way
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