make butter from UHT milk?

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Re: make butter from UHT milk?

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I know this is an open site but seeing as you are sick and a long way from home knowing soemone is thinking of you might help abit :sunny:

The urticaria may be also a symptom. Stress and frustration (anger that can't go anywhere) often seem to be in the emotional body of those that I heal that have hives. Let that go. Live the life you have - forget home and enjoy the amazing experiences you have around you! Breath in each day a new and in the evening be pleased with yourself and the world you have around you.

Good luck, have faith.

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Re: make butter from UHT milk?

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We just came back from a few days in northern Spain. I went into a little Vietnamese deli and discovered - tinned butter! I know it's no longer available in the UK and I had thought that was probably Europe wide.

If you are still desperate for some in a few weeks time just pm me and I'll get some when we go down again (early November). It´s a small pack so mailing would be no problem as long as there isn't a difficulty with customs.
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Re: make butter from UHT milk?

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Cool! Ta!

I'm feeling much better now! A day in bed and some whiskey worked wonders!

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