choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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Hi, i am saving for a multi fuel/ wood burning stove with boiler for my 3 bed semi. can anyone suggest one that kicks out enough heat to heat a water tank, 4 maybe 5 raidiators and a large front room. i have seen clearveiw mentioned a lot but having checked the kilowatt output they are less than most i have checked out. :scratch:

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Re: choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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Start with that large front-room - depending on what you mean by large, but a stove with integrated boiler large enough to heat that room should be sufficient for all your needs. You usually get around half the output to the room to heating hot water.

The stove output calculator is a great place to work out your minimum requirement >> ... need.phtml

I used it and found out that the stove I planned to buy would never heat the 40+sqm I wanted it to heat so I upgraded...

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Re: choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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Hello Craig ,

we bought a Stanley Erin ,Irish , works great , I think it gives 7kw to the water tank and 8kw to the room.
I think for that money Stanley gives one of the best value's.

We've got an Esse Ironheart in the kitchen , this ones connected also to the system , but it gives 10kw to the room and only
2kw to the tank, there's loads of brands but our experience with Stanley is good. , or sell these woodburners .
Done business with them both and they are reliable.

All our appliances are linked toghether , solar boiler of 16m2 and 250gallon hot water tank , toghether with digital
displays , a bit over the top but I like too see what appliance has made and when.
Then stuff all the info into excel ,like graphs aswell.
And then it's saving us 70% on our gas bill ,and the price of gas is going to rise you know.

Other brands are also around ,Godin , Jotul , Anselmo , loads of choice .And buying in another country these day's
is not a big deal .

Good luck to yous,keep us informed on your choice ,

regards ,


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Re: choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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We went with a clearview 650 because, at the time (and still) we believed it to be one of the most efficient models on the market, and made in Britain - buying local was important to us too. Plus the fact that the place we bought it from worked mainly with clearviews and they had really good product knowledge. At the moment we just have it space heating but when we get to it we have the choice of 3 types of boiler which would each take a different amount of heat from the stove (I think the types were back, baffle and top - but I may be completely wrong)

It also so happened at the time that the people we bought it from had the right one in the right colour in stock (they had ordered it in for display but never installed it) so we managed to get it fitted with in 2 weeks. :cheers:

There is such a huge range available, we still haven't decided which type to get in the kitchen (but since it hasn't been built yet that is no biggy)
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Re: choose a good multi fuel/wood burning stove with boiler

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I've got a 12kw villager, which runs 7 radiators over 3 floors and tops up (I wouldn't say it would heat it enough for a bath unless blasting with something like old pallets) the hot water.

It's not very efficient though and I would, in hindsight spend more money on a pellet stove. I guess villager are your bottom of the range stoves; although it's done us well for 7 years and survived a couple of chimney fires :mrgreen:

This is our sole form of heating and I would like something less hungry. We use about 8 tonnes of wood per season and that's a lot of work. Also, it's in a big open plan room comprising of dining area, conservatory and kitchen; which is basically where we spend our day.

I'm not sure I would recommend them to someone as a sole form of heating, but this year we are hoping to get double glazing put in, so perhaps that will make a big difference...
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