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Re: deodorant

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Another vote for Pitrok - I don't particularly sweat less, but I'm a lot less sticky (no nasty gloopy deoderant getting wet with sweat) and no more smelly, unless I'm really working hard, in which case I'd shower afterwards anyway.
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Re: deodorant

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I tend to use MMU's Veggie gel deodorant now. I can 't remember what they call it actually...

Its vegan approved, but i'm not sure about the organic/natural ingredient quota. They do have 400+ fragrances to choose from though :lol:

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Re: deodorant

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Yeah i use a crystal one too, its an alum block (Potassium alum), used for nicks and grazes after shaving.

It is antibacterial and so kills off the bacteria that make the smell in the first place.

Works a treat and does last forever, i've just had to buy a new one after obliterating mine on the 3rd or 4th drop into sink/floor
Well worth it though, from ebay for £6, will last me years.

I hated the few days without it as i had to use spray on rubbish and i find the chemical smell far too strong now.

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