Arthritis pains

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Re: Arthritis pains

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I havent looked into this yet but heard on the radio today that Rosehip Extract has been used on arthritic dogs and horses to very good effect - Am definitely going to try this one :flower:
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Re: Arthritis pains

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Im suffering at the moment , the cold and damp gets to me.Trying the turmeric idea ,good exscuse to eat more curry

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Re: Arthritis pains

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Thanks for all these great suggestions. I DO know that the rosehip one works. I made dozens of bottles last year and, even though I gave plenty away, they lasted for three months and were really effective. I think three months is about the lifespan of homemade syrup anyway, which is a pity. I've looked for commercially produced rosehip syrup (it used to be really popular when I was little) but it all seems extortionately expensive and intended for exotic desserts, etc. I suppose the pill/capsule form will be good but I did enjoy making our own.

I'm collecting rosehips right at the moment but I think they will mostly be used for wine this year and just a few bottles of syrup...
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