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Re: Diabetes

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Hi tigerhair.

Diabetes becomes a backround thing for most people after a while. My dad had been type two for a few years and my brother type one for 25. Neither fo them really think of it much as the habits you need to maintain become ingrained. My father in law has recently been diagnosed two and he's finding it difficult because bread, orange juice, all sorts of things spike his blood sugar.

Well done on the losing weight by the way.
And nice to meet you.

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Re: Diabetes

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You will learn with trial and error what works and what doesn,t and it becomes a matter of fact thing
Normal meals like meat and 3 veg and unsweetened pudding or fruit for dessert

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Re: Diabetes

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Hi Tigerhair
Sorry to hear about the diabetes. A friend gave me a carb controlled diet sheet with which he controlled several of his patients diabetes without medication.

If you're interested email me and I'll send you a copy.

Can't guarantee you'll not need meds of course, but it might help maintain control.

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Re: Diabetes

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Both my parents are diabetic & cope well with it, although my mum can't avoid snacking & wonders why she will get the occaisional high result when with her disabilitty she is not as active as she used to be. My dad still snacks too but generally burns it off quickly as he seems to be busier now that he has retired (early) than when he was at work.
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Re: Diabetes

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Ok...so first off...
I have found that limiting my carbs instead of doing what my nurse said, and having LOADS at every meal

Really? Your nurse told you that? In the 14 or so years since my mother got diagnosed (actually she diagnosed herself after being prescribed prozac, seroxat and HRT to no effect, but thats a whole other tangent), she's been given all kinds of contrasting and contradictory advice by the various 'experts' she's seen. You're doing the right thing there though, its important to try and keep the bloodsugar on an even keel by having small meals often. Following something similar to the GI diet would be a good plan, though that does recommend using sweeteners, which as well as being heavily processed and potentially carcinogenic, do nothing to help as the body acts as if its been given sugar anyway-something you'll want to avoid. I'd look into the Food Doctor if I were you. The principles of his plan are basically how you should be eating if you have either type of diabetes (and even if you have neither type), and will help keep the weight down too.
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Re: Diabetes

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Thanks to all of you - I haven't checked here for a while (had a big operation recently)....

Yep, my nurse even said - have a bowl of cereal before bed time!!! Arghhh... I limit my carbs (i.e. pots, rice, pasta, etc...) and I have stayed medication free for my first year (I am type 2)... which is OK!
Tigz x

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