waxed cotton coats

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Lady Willow
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Living the good life
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waxed cotton coats

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Not sure where to ask this ... so sorry if it's in the wrong place.

I've got more waxed cotton coats than I can shake a stick at! And some of them are in need of a clean .... I mean the inside ... where the wearer has been working hard, got hot .. and well... just inhale deeply and imagine!

So ... how can I clean them? How would they react to being put on a 30 degree wash in the washing machine? Will they be OK once they've had a re-wax ... or would I be spoiling them forever.

Would I be better off giving the insides a hot spongy wash? I'd rather chuck them in the machine so they get a really good clean, but only if they won't be spoiled.

Some of them are just worn around my land, so looks don't matter too much ... but I have a very nice dri as a bone and I don't want to spoil it.

Dry cleaning isn't a favoured route.

Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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found this on a web-site

Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your garment but removes dust and dirt that can cause premature wear. Regular cleaning also prevents dirt build-up from becoming irremovable stains.

- REMOVE dried mud, sand and grit as soon as possible especially along inner sleeve seams, as these are abrasive.
- HOSE OFF or SPONGE WIPE with cold water only. If dirt is ground in, gently brush it off with a soft bristled brush and then rinse.
- HANG TO DRY naturally and completely for at least 24 hours in a dry, well-ventilated area.
- REPROOF the entire garment after cleaning.

DO NOT dry clean • DO NOT machine wash • DO NOT tumble dry (no dryer) • DO NOT use soap or detergent of any kind • DO NOT use solvents or bleach • DO NOT iron or starch • DO NOT force dry or expose to a direct flame • DO NOT expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as rear car window).

Doing any of these will damage or remove the proofing and may void the garment’s warranty.

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The Riff-Raff Element
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A selfsufficientish Regular
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I have done this as follows:

- Choose a nice sunny day
- Peg offending article to the line, inside out
- Bowl of warm water with a handwash detergent, scrubbing brush, a song in your heart and rub away
- Repeat, with just water a couple of times, always remembering to change the song

Once nicely dried they should be reproofed, but I have never, ever done this. I think it adds character. I don't use Barbours to stay dry, just to keep warm. There are better jackets, I think, for really wet weather.

A long-ago girlfriend once put hers through on a "delicate" cycle and the treads tore through the waxed fabric. Completely ruined.

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I have a leather coat with the same smelly lining problem.... help please?! it smells not like B.O but more like a mix of gone-off biscuits and feet.

don't ask me how lol!!!

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A selfsufficientish Regular
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a slight digression..........anyone remember "afghan coats" as were worn in the 60's?
link to posh one owned by Lennon -
if you think waxed or leather jackets are a bit niffy, you should smell the afghans!!!............they were usually really badly (or not) cured at all, and were really rank from day one - the only way to make them vaguely habitable was to drench them continuously in gallons of patchouli.......they were best chained down at night so they didn't run away, and if you got caught in the rain, and they got soaked, the stench would clear buildings! :mrgreen:
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On the line - inside out on a warm day, bucket of mild detergent of your choice with warm water, and scrub those linings - waxed riding jackets, leather bike jackets - and leather bike trousers!! :mrgreen:

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