If you could...would you private jet everywhere?

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Re: If you could...would you private jet everywhere?

Post: # 291332Post ina
Wed May 30, 2018 4:11 am

jacksprarrow wrote:
Mon May 28, 2018 2:28 pm
Okay, maybe not everywhere... but there are certainly times when flying privately would be so much more convenient than taking a commercial airliner. I just can't stand the long waiting times and the squished seating :? Plus all the loud, annoying folks who ride these planes!
But what do you "need" to go for anywhere? Do we really have a human right to travel everywhere we like? Especially these days, with everything being available online to look at, there isn't even the excuse of wanting to find out what other places are like...

i think this attitude of going everywhere just because we can is wrong. I intend to get to know Scotland a bit better before I die - partly because it's the only thing I can afford (free bus pass), but also because I know there's still a lot to see, and if I went abroad to see those places, I wouldn't be any happier in the end, either (but the environment would be unhappier, and that is important to me).
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Re: If you could...would you private jet everywhere?

Post: # 291341Post Weedo
Wed May 30, 2018 11:05 pm

I agree Ina - since we started actually exploring and walking rather than just rushing we are enjoying our (infrequent) breaks much more. Last trip was to have a "fact finding" look at North West and West Tasmania - 10 days travel; stayed at four locations; only drove 420km but walked about 80 more (plus a couple of train and boat trips) and mostly on unsealed back roads and did not get even close to covering the area.
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Re: If you could...would you private jet everywhere?

Post: # 291346Post happyhippy
Thu May 31, 2018 9:45 am

We are guilty of travelling by flights fairly often (2-3 times per year).I'm not british,and the only way I can get back home,is by taking a flight.I could take a ship,but annual leave does'nt allow that long.We do the best we can,and as much as we can,but at the end of the day,I need to see my folks.We also fly overseas because we enjoy spending our holidays relaxing on a hot beach,and outside.Thats something you are not guaranteed if you holiday within the UK.

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