Three Generations under one roof

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Three Generations under one roof

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Hello folks

Yes its been a long time since I've been on, I have been lurking, but yep not been on my good to see that still recognise some of you!

Anyway, I'm writing something for Readers Digest and I wonder if anyone can help me out, I'm looking for a UK based family that have three (of four) generations all living under the same roof. I'd need to call them up, have a chat and then a photographer would take a couple of pictures and that'll be it!

... as for a quick catch up for those that do remember me, er... where to start, busy being a Dad (now three months), I've now got my own shed where I'll start work from next week and I'm writing a book about beer all is good really!
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Re: Three Generations under one roof

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Three generations in this house, but fortunately we're not in the UK. :iconbiggrin:
Me and the missus, daughter and husband and three grandchildren (16, 14 & 9)
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Re: Three Generations under one roof

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At one point we had 4 generations in one house, my Grandparents, my parents, me and my daughter but that was some time ago. It wasn't so much like the Waltons, more like the bloomin Adams Family :evil5:

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Re: Three Generations under one roof

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When we were in Scotland we were living in my parents house. It was my mum and dad, me, my husband and our 2 kids. And the dogs :)

Now we (my husband, me and the kids) live in Macedonia on the top floor in my husbands gran's house which we've renovated. She lives on the ground floor.

It's grate this way. We get a whole 'flat' to ourselves and we've got a baby sitter on stand by downstairs haha :) She insists on doing all our washing, saying she's got nothing else to do and she want to help me as im busy with the kids. And our eldest, Katya, goes downstairs with baba who actually used to be a teacher and she's teaching her stuff in Macedonian, drawing pictures, singing songs and learning the letters ( Cyrillic alphabet ) ect. And i can leave the baby with her and pop out to the shops for 30 min if i have to, or go pick up Katya from nursery if the weather is too bad to take the baby with me. It's grate :)
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