school pta rant

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Re: school pta rant

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You have just mentioned you are an outsider from all of 11 miles away ! What is worse is that you STOLE a local lad from the clutches of the local lasses ! What a crime; do you not realise the seriousness of it all ?
Seriously though, I also live in a small Welsh village, but my family are from even further than 11 miles I am not local either.
Some small communities are full of people of small minds and big egos and you should distance yourself as far away from them as possible, because you might catch the "illness" too. So a BIG :grouphug: from us all in our community of Ish.

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Re: school pta rant

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Can't add any thing that wouldn't involve violence & I don't believe that gets us anywhere!

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

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Re: school pta rant

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Massive hugs hun :hugish:

From my experience some of these PTA people do not like new people that come along with new, bigger and better ideas. I have just told my daughter schools pta to shove it after a year of hassle. The icing on the cake came when I was going to organise a veg and fruit bag scheme through Abel and Cole. I spend ages talking to parents about their opinions, talking to A&C, showing parents samples and then signing people up. Just because A&C would not give the pta a Christmas bazaar raffle prize the pta went behind my back and started trying to find a different company. I was prepared to organise the whole thing myself as no one else wanted to help, but that was not good enought.

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Re: school pta rant

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Nikki, I totally sympathise for you. I was asked to look into the costings of the cashino night and the practicalities f making it work. Prizes were going to be a very important factor of the night so I needed to know if there were possibilities in place. Which is all I did. I have now been approached by a few of the other parents that want me to set up a friends of group. But want to avoid any further conflict. We have a new head teacher which is starting to see the selfish side of some of them so it may be a case of wait and see. She is fully aware of what the school is missing out on so I think I have a supporter in the long run. Its just such a shame when I have to go through this just to help the kids.

It is making awfully concerned about the governors though as they are the same family!

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