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I don´t personally have a problem with the rules.........

It´s jsut the inept way the staffapply them!

Here ID is necessary at all times. you have to carry photo ID. Cant use debit/credit card without it, albeit tat is changing with the nes pin machines.

The bank ask for Idas well for each transaction, unless they know you of vcourse, so in a small town, thats quite rare. (they even tend to know everyone´s names!)

I recently had an occurence via telephone with a UK bank ( well now taken over by a Spanish bank) re removal of O/D facility

we sent you a letter.......NO

Its standard policy to be reviewed after12 months .neve rhad a letter other years either......
AND it wasnt 12 months anyway.either 8 or 20 since last changed!) via internet banking.
you cant apply for O/D via Internet banking , or an extension.
I did in both cases, ansd why does your website offer the possibility then?

It was removed, as part of the 12 month renewal conditions, and basically it wasnt felt you should have it anymore ( words to thateffect). and THEN .offers to reinstate about 3/4 of previous limit

What the ******...... what are they playing at..... have they not heard of staff training!

I dont have any money as such. bt if I ever did. it wouldnt be invested in a bank!

No wonder the black economy thrives so well!

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