Advice needed on car without anti freeze!!!!

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Re: Advice needed on car without anti freeze!!!!

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It's called waxing when the temp drops to -12 or below and diesel freezes. It happened to me last year when I joined the motorway and tried to accelerate and couldn't get above 30mph going up a hill.

Scary when you have a huge artic 2 feet from your @rse blowing his horn and flashing his lights. That's when you want an LED sign on your rear window to say 'back off you twat I have a problem, your Sainsbury's delivery can wait a couple of minutes'
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Re: Advice needed on car without anti freeze!!!!

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Thankyou everyone for sharing your thoughts.Daughters boyfriend picked up his car last Tuesday and drove home (70miles)with no problems.He now has anti freeze! :iconbiggrin:

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Re: Advice needed on car without anti freeze!!!!

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They're lucky. The engine is sort of protected from frozen cooling water by the freeze/core plugs (they are pushed out of the engine when the cooling water expands while freezing up), but replacing those freeze plugs can mean taking out your entire engine to be able to reach them.

Normal water instead of anti freeze will make those freeze plugs rust away, though, after a while. So it is a good thing he replaced the water with antifreeze.

Of course, with an electric car, one wouldn't have all these risks and problems. I wish I had one... :(

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