sad anniversaries, how do you cope?

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Re: sad anniversaries, how do you cope?

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hey missus i really do wish youd bloody ring me and tell me your feeling like this

remeber if you hadnt had this experience you would never of had sophie who is such a blessing

remeber these things in life are sent to test us and make us know im not a believer in god or anything but you also know i have many sad days in my life and i wouldnt change any of them...

maybe instead of looking at them as sad days look at them as days that changed my life...and i think tbh for the better

massive internet hugs hun ill give ya A PROPER ONE WHEN I SEE YA

apoligies for crap spelling and grammer i have a zachypest climbing on me lol

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Re: sad anniversaries, how do you cope?

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I lost my mother in law and then father in law very shortly before christmas, and then two years later lost my Mum at the same time of year - so I don't ever look forward to christmas - I go into my blue fugg and just want it to go away
When the trees go up and the songs come on the radio I just can't wait for it all to stop.
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Re: sad anniversaries, how do you cope?

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Grief is what marks us out as human and is as natural to our species as breathing but we are all very different and therefore each of us deals with bad stuff as best we can and in our own way.With berievement I can only tell my way which is you have to work through it and not deny it so slowly the sadness receeds and mostly the love remains, but it is oh so hard to do.
I cant offer any advice on Sophies birthday other than hand her planning of the day [within reason] and make it all about family solidarity,you James and Sophie .I have not been a parent so I dont know what it is like. hugs from tiggy

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