dogs and bulbs

Another section by popular demand. If you want to talk about anything else that grows that is not livestock, herbs, fruit or vegetables here it goes.
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Living the good life
Living the good life
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dogs and bulbs

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i planted tulip and daffodil bulbs but as soon as i went indoors the dogs dug them up,now my jack russell and labrador cross has taken to digging up the rest of my bulbs just as they are poking through the soil,and eating them>and its not poisoned them either,they have dug up my lavender and my rosemary,in fact mostly anything i plant,short of a gun do you have any good idea`s ,its breaking my heart to go out and see all my planting dug up,i keep going to lidl`s,buy beautiful bulbs and plants and they dig them out,the only thing thev`e left is fruit bushes,even the apple tree`s they have had a go at,and i`ve replanted 2 already, help

Barbara Good
Barbara Good
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Re: dogs and bulbs

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Oh my!

My cats like to dig aswell, so i have netted over the borders and the veg pach, it seems to be working. I use bricks to hold the netting down they cant shift a brick buy your dogs might.

Give it a go at this point you have nothing to loose.


Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: dogs and bulbs

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Dear Shell,

Had a similar problem with urban foxes digging up my raised beds and crapping everywhere. The thread was posted last MAY/JUNE and lots of good ideas came out of it. Try trawling the site.

Love and Peace
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