For all you Linux fans ...

Tomorrow's World was a show on BBC TV about innovations and tech stuff and I thought a good name for our computing and tech section.
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Re: For all you Linux fans ...

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dave45 wrote:
Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:01 pm
... Still on a 12-year-old Optiplex 745 (scrapper from work)
Very good point, Dave - thanks for that.
Just in case anyone is wondering what on Earth we're going on about, a Linux installation can bring a very old machine back into useful life. I use an ancient (early 90's) IBM Thinkpad armed with a small Ubuntu version for any venture away from home (but within range of a power supply as the batteries are completely defunct). It does the job and begins conversations when people look at it as though I'd driven to the meeting in a Messerschmitt bubble car.
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Re: For all you Linux fans ...

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I have a couple of Thinkpads too :-)

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