What to download to an Ip*d?

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What to download to an Ip*d?

Post: # 143660Post Clara »

I must have the best brother in the world because he just sent me an Ip*d as a baby shower present :cheers:

Being a bit of a bumpkin I don´t really know what is out there that I might be interested in downloading, so I thought I might ask you likeminded folk if you have come across any rich seams of interesting stuff.

I´ve sorted myself with IT*nes and BBC Iplayer (though unfortunately being outside of the UK means I can only get radio not TV), anything else I should know? Anyone listened to anything on the beeb recently that might be interesting?

TIA Clara

PS Mods if the *s aren´t enough to keep the google ads at bay, please let me know and I´ll edit.
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Re: What to download to an Ip*d?

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the *s will probably keep them away :mrgreen:

Is it a fancy shmacy one, with video and all? oooh.... I just have my own music (from my CDs) on mine, 1000 songs is nowhere near enough room though. OH has some BBC radio podcasts - the Mark Kermode film one from five live. Radio4 usually have a book of the week and a book at bedtime which I would probably get, if I was organised enough, but I'm not. (though OH tells me they might not be available as podcast anyway)

I don't seem to listen to as much radio these days as I used to though :(

You could try project gutenberg http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Gutenberg ... ks_Project
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Re: What to download to an Ip*d?

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I'm well into podcasts at the moment. There are tons, all different subjects. Even ones where you can learn another language!

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margo - newbie
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Re: What to download to an Ip*d?

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If you are into drama and plays the only radio station I listen to is Radio 7. I dont have a tv so this is my only form of non alcholic I partake in. Have been know to stay away from the pub just to find out who the killer was :lol:


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margo - newbie
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Re: What to download to an Ip*d?

Post: # 156192Post keliz5000 »

I like "the survival podcast" and the "quick and dirty" podcasts you can get on itunes. And if you do a search there are always free audiobooks you can download.

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Re: What to download to an Ip*d?

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My subscriptions on itunes:
-From our own correspondent, full of very interesting stuff you don't hear about on the news
-Eddie Izzard: Live from London, an itunes special, a 'shop show' with the comic, free too!
-Friday Night Comedy Podcast, alternates btween the News Quiz, and the Now Show, very funny...
-Thought For The Day, sometimes interesting, fills your computer with 3 minute sound bites.
-Rhod Gilbert, the best bits, simply because i don't have access to the interenet most of the week, so need some relief

For the more wealthy ex pat, itunes also has a vast database of tv programs to buy, but good quality, ranging from South Park to Little Dorrit, still no Jonathan Creek though :cry:

Otherwise music-wise, your own music, with the occasional purchase from the itunes store, i would suggest downloading Limewire, but over the past few months it seems to have become more dangerous, with a few trojans floating around...
If your into newish stuff, try Itunes single of the week, advertised on the first page, its free, and there have been a few interesting artists in there!
If you want to listen to stuff online, without paying, try Deezer.com, free and legal!
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