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Big Brother

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I heard on a radio programme that Police are impounding cars that do not appear on their database. Even if your car IS insured, if you don't have the insurance docs with you, they impound it! They won't allow a producer (produce it at the Police station in a few days) They say that as many as 1 in 500 cars are not on the database. The numbers of cars being impounded is surprisingly high. To check your reg. no. go to:-
Surely if your car is registered at your address and you can prove who you are you should be allowed to produce your docs on a producer as the Police know that the database is seriously flawed.


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I dont know what the police are up to but they are seem to be really cracking down on drivers. My OH was walking home and found a policewoman by our van writing us a ticket because our tax disc was out of date by a few days but we showed her we had it and just forgot to put it in the window so she screwed the ticket up. Then we checked with a police officer friend of ours who informed us that they shouldn't have tried to give us a ticket as you are allowed 28 days to get a new disc.

And a work colleague of mine was stopped yesterday whilst driving so he asked why and was informed by the police that they 'didnt like how he drove' so he asked if he had actually done anything wrong and volunteered to have a breathalyser test but they said they hadnt seen him doing anything wrong and didnt feel the need for him to be tested. What?!?! Makes no sense. I reckon their targets must've been put up or something and they are trying to meet them.
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Do you know which radio prog. Jondy? I can't find any mention of this on the news sites.

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I found this ... 962316.stm but its hardly recent!

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John Headstrong

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I used to be a traveller, I have seen taxed insured and MOT vehicles getting impounded and crushed, the laws are there for the authorities to use, they got them though by saying they would only use them on "traveller types"

now they are using them on the general public, well what a surprise, like I didnt see that coming.


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