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Re: my name's .......and i'm an amazonaholic

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 1:56 pm
by cherami
safronsue wrote:i hate myself. just one clicked and sent off another birthday present to nephew via the demon amazon and sitting here feeling worthless and ....oh what the heck. it was the easiest and cheapest thing to do to get what he wanted to him in time rather than spending the whole day making something he won't like and that will cost me more and he wont appreciate and will be there a week late. rant over. amazon is despicable for being so efficient and clever and not paying taxes on it's VAST profits and i am helping them. :oops:
The net is here to stay all the time we have power of course. Power as in electricity of course. I am wondering why you choose Amazon rather than an on line book shop which helps keep them operating rather than choose a company like Amazon that is a superpower taking over the shopping world.