Professor Nutt.

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Professor Nutt.

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I strongly believe that young folk should not get the message that drugs are relatively harmless however as a staunch cynic and a seasoned misanthrope with gregarious leanings it seems the powers that be didn't hear the answer they wanted so have to push this learned man with an unfortunate manner in wording his argument aside in favour of some brown-nosed yes-men.

Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: Professor Nutt.

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i cant see the difference between cannabis and alcohol,if you cant drive with alcohol then you shoulnt with cannabis,but if they sell alcohol in pubs then why not cannabis in cannabis bars,although they say alcohol causes more health problems that to me isnt true as i lost a good friend who c smoked regularly and died of lung cancer at 43,so that too has its problems,
to me if you ban cannabis,ban alcohol,if not treat it the same,same laws for both,
i dont smoke any drug,and dont drink and drive,
but until some-one educates me as to the difference this is my opinion.

Living the good life
Living the good life
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Re: Professor Nutt.

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Seen the thread titled "Complete Fools?" for more views on the same subject?

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