Courses at Bulworthy Project, Devon

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Courses at Bulworthy Project, Devon

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We have our course dates up for 2014.

We're not doing as many charcoal courses this year. As our courses are now fully catered they take a lot more out of us than they used to. Building our house, running the charcoal business and the courses last year was really intense. We want our courses to be not only informative but also inspiring and enjoyable. So we thought that we'd go for fewer of them this year and have more energy to put into them. ... ourse.html

We're running a food-smoking course in the autumn. We cold smoke our own bacon and hot smoke a roast dinner most weeks. Because lots of people ask us about food smoking when we are smoke roasting or hot smoking food for our courses, it seemed like an obvious course to run. ... ourse.html

We hosted a one day bow-making course last year where people made a primitive bow and it was fully booked up and we had people asking for more. So Matthew Yung who ran it is coming back this year to run that course and a two day course to give the opportunity to make a more sophisticated bow with a pull of about 50lb. ... ourse.html

We also have another sort of charcoal course. Liza Harding is coming down to Devon to teach charcoal drawing techniques using the artists charcoal that we make. It seems kind of cool to use the charcoal to draw the woods in which it grew. ... ourse.html

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