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Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:54 am
by vicki
Hi ladies.

I had a scan at 35 weeks only to discover baby was breech! I've managed to put off having another scan until 38 weeks but the hospital have already started suggesting turning the baby and c-sections and things which I would prefer to leave til the last minute incase he turns the right way! I understand that after 37 weeks it's unlikely he'll turn if he hasn't already but I also understand it's not 100% guaranteed that he wont turn and that I definitely need a section.

Has anyone got experience of a breech baby turning at the last minute? The idea of a c-section scares the life out of me!!

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:35 am
by Julysea
Is it your first baby? Second and subsequent babies sometimes even turn once labour has begun but it's less likely with a first one.

Some babies do turn after 35 weeks. My son was breech until 36 weeks, then turned and was born at 37 weeks!

There are some things you can do to encourage the baby to turn - spend some time every day on all fours with your bum up in the air and your head low down. Try acupuncture and reflexology. These methods, plus the related one of moxibustion, have anecdotally good rates of turning breech babies.

Just because the baby is breech doesn't mean you have to agree to a C section. I have a friend who insisted on having her breech baby naturally and it was fine. The main thing is that because hospitals insist so much on C sections for breech births these days, many midwives and doctors don't feel confident in delivering breech babies naturally as they don't have enough experience. It might be worth having a word with an independent midwife as they often have more experience. Even if you can't afford, or don't want to engage an independent, they will usually offer a free consultation so you can ask a qualified and experienced professional questions outside of the main system and get a different viewpoint.

Good luck!

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:00 am
by citizentwiglet
My eldest was born at 35 weeks, he was born at 8am on a Sunday morning - he was breech at 7pm on the Saturday night, and I felt him turn - a very odd feeling indeed, but it was like he 'knew' he was the wrong way up!!
My youngest was born at 39 weeks, but was still breech at my last midwife appointment the week before where she confidently proclaimed 'Ahh, baby will be there for weeks yet'! I didn't actually feel him turn around to the same extent, but then the old tummy muscles weren't as toned and receptive as they were with my first! He certainly came out the right way round, anyway!

(Both awkward so-and-sos were back to back, though - and even that wasn't as monsterous as I'd been led to expect).

I know of several mums whose babies were breech, and the midwife has been able to turn them quite successfully - I do believe there are exercises you can do at home (with training) to help as well. I'm sure my mum told me that I was moved round three times, and would just pop back into breech again - and I've .been awkward ever since. (I was born the right way round as well!).

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 8:36 pm
by thesunflowergal
Hi Hun.

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck with the birth.

My eldest was breech, and my midwife told me to clean the floors on my hands and knees to help turn the baby (or maybe she thought my house was dirty lol). It worked for us. Fingers crossed for you.

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:33 pm
by JulieSherris
My eldest was a breech baby - and even way back in the dark ages of 1982, they wanted me to have a C-section - which I refused.

1 week before the due date, I had an x-ray - came out covered in marker pen, but confident that my hips were wide enough to accommodate the birth...... but we didn't realise that she would be born BUM first, feet up around her neck, bless her!! :iconbiggrin:

I was offered an epidural, but decided to go with just gas & air, which was stopped so I could have pure oxygen instead - it might have helped her, did nothing for me though :lol:

It didn't put me off, I had a further 2 after that, both of which were a piece a cake to deliver - in comparison!

Good luck - whatever you decide, it's YOUR decision - don't let them bully you.

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2010 11:46 pm
by marshlander
My bro was turned several times and kept turning back. When it came to it he turned himself a few hours before mum went into labour. Mum was told to crawl around and kneel with her head on the floor and posterior in the air. As we were kids at the time we thought it very funny.

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:00 am
by Bonniegirl
When the time comes you'll do what is right for the baby! Nothing else comes into the equation really :hugish:

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:33 pm
by Clara
DD1 was breech and did not turn, fortunately my midwives were experienced and brave enough to trial labour...unfortunately it didn´t work out and after 2 days we went to hospital and I had a "normal" i.e. not emergency CS. I also have a friend who waited until she was in labour before going to the hospital (unfortunately CS is compulsory for breech here). Both babies were delivered safely by CS and they were healthy, but the point is they were born when they were ready not when an OB decided they could fit in an appointment.

I truly believe that my daughter came this way because somehow the universe conspired to teach me to surrender, to go with what is rather than demanding that because I´ve done everything "right" and wanted something so badly then I can have it all my way; a lesson we all have to learn as parents at some point, perhaps good for me to learn it beforehand!

On the brighter side, women who have CS for breech babies are a group with higher than average success rates for a following natural birth (around 80%) - DD2 born safely at home almost a year ago.

Go with your instinct, sending you lots of birth blessings ♥ Clara ♥

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 8:34 pm
by suziq
m8 just had a daughter that was breech up to 39 weeks
take good advise and go with ure gut feeling
i had an emergancy section under spinal ie awake, was fine if a bit tough recovery

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:01 pm
by liskeardjane
my daughter was a full term, breach natural home birth - I just refused any other way, it does mean a laid down delivery and two midwives as the baby has to be carefully guided out or they can be born with whip lash - my daughter is now 17 - it was a much easier delivery than head first! and I pulled her legs out myself - i kind of put my hand down, felt feet and held on then two legs popped out! and only then did the midwives take over and deliver her - only in labour for four hours!

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 10:08 pm
by citizentwiglet
Clara wrote: I truly believe that my daughter came this way because somehow the universe conspired to teach me to surrender, to go with what is rather than demanding that because I´ve done everything "right" and wanted something so badly then I can have it all my way; a lesson we all have to learn as parents at some point, perhaps good for me to learn it beforehand!
I think this is such a lovely attitude to have, Clara. I know so many mothers who have suffered trauma, and become depressed because their babies weren't born 'as expected'. There is a fine line, I think, between standing your ground and not being intimidated into what the NHS might see as a 'more convenient' or 'cost effective/time effective' option; and knowing when to surrender. Of course it is important that your wishes are followed, and respected, as far as is reasonable, but I do worry sometimes that 'our rights' and our dreams for this ideal, natural birth are sometimes allowed to go to far - leading to a real sense of loss when, for very good reason, it is dangerous to continue and intervention is needed. I salute you :cheers: !

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 8:05 am
by Clara
I have to say it took some time to develop that attitude :wink:, though in part it was instant: I had a wonderful private lay midwife who just looked me in the eye and said it was time to go and it wasn´t a matter of pride.....allowed me a minute to be pissed off, surrender to it and then got my stuff together calmly.

I WAS upset about the CS for a long time, but found my way through it (and fortunately avoided PND) with a good BFing relationship and knowing that I´d given it as good a shot as I could. For me I find comfort in the fact she was born when ready (39 weeks) rather than when I´d been given the appointment for the op (38 weeks). All of this meant I felt no fear in trying for HB again with DD2, the success of which was the final piece of healing.

However, to the original poster, all stories are unique, good luck with yours xx

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:39 am
by MrsD'ville mkII

My daughter was breech. The consultant sugg turning her but I really hated the thought of that, and I knew there was every chance she'd turn back again. We'd planned a home birth originally and nearer the time my MW was convinced the baby had turned and the HB would be fine, but I was sure she hadn't turned - you'd feel it by that late stage! We had another scan and lo, Polly was as breech as ever, so we went for the c-sec. Just before I went in to theatre the hospital MW felt my tum and said the baby had turned but I knew she hadn't and the scan confirmed she was still breech, so the c-sec went ahead.

There are endless considerations, but just to add my two penn'orth, please don't be scared if you decide to have a c-sec or if it becomes necessary. I've had two now (DS was positioned well but it seems my cervix doesn't dilate so I had an emergency c-sec after 17 hours of labour), one scheduled, one emergency, and they've both been absolutely fine. Scar healed well, no complications, but it does slow you down for the first few days and not driving for a month was a pain. I totally see that a natural birth is the preferable option and I hope you can have one, but please don't let fear of a c-sec skew your thinking, they really aren't so bad!

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:13 am
by vicki
Thank you for all the stories and advice, I do appreciate all the different view points. I can't tell myself whether he's turned or not just yet, I seem to be being kicked or thumped everywhere! I have a GP apt this week then a scan next week which will tell more so until then I'll keep my fingers crossed and my bum in the air, haahaa!!

Either way, 37 weeks yesterday so not long to go at all!

Re: Breech baby

Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:40 am
by MrsD'ville mkII
Not long at all! I don't know if I stressed the point in my post - don't believe them if they trll you he's turned without a scan to confirm it, as two midwives were wrong with Polly!

Good luck and keep us posted.