101 uses for tin cans

101 Uses For is popular and let's hope it stays that way. Our second book is presently called 101 tips for self sufficiency; we will certainly dip into this section for ideas. So post away and let's try and get at least one thread up to 101.
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Ohhh- I'm inspired now - but means even less will go in the recycling boxes and more into boxes in the barn for me to get round to doing things with. :shock:

Nail tin to gate or post, pierce other side, and drop in a ball of string - very handy dispenser.

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A storm lantern


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for bean-type cans:
fill with water and freeze, when fully hard (about 24 hours) remove from freezer and set to with a sharp punch of somekind and a mahher. I use a large headed masonry nail.
punch out a pattern of dots.
leave somewhere to thaw and drain, stick a candle in it and light. mmmm pretty.

for beer cans:
do the above, but cut out a hole at the bottom like the post just before this one has.

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Amazing, but true. A Company that makes solar space heaters from recycled aluminium cans. www.cansolair.com/ Lots more stuff related to cans and solar heating try www.reuk.co.uk for example.
Also easy DIY solar water heating ideas for (almost) free hot water when the sun shines.


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Re: 101 uses for tin cans

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If you can still find tuna cans with a lip at both ends so you can remove them with can opener... they can be used as egg poachers or for neat round fried egg.

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Re: 101 uses for tin cans

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Good for using kerosene, paint thinner, etc. for brush and tool cleaning.

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Re: 101 uses for tin cans

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I had an elderly relative who used to make art out of sliced up tin cans. This varied from simple punched tin folk art to ornate decorative "masks" using quite intricate patterns cut out and riveted together. He had friends and family collect those large instant coffee cans for raw materials...

You might find that you can solder bits of tin can together - if you use a large enough soldering bit - with lead-free solder.


You could make some "spoon" type fishing lures - although they might rust...


Remove top and bottom lids of the can , flatten out the tin, cut out a "windmill" propeller-type shape - you might be able to do this with kitchen scissors although "tin snips" would be eminently better - twist the "sails" in order to better catch the wind, paint brightly and nail up to a suitable spot around the garden. Scare the birds and make a nice noise too!


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