Dump Load using Peilter thermalcouple devices.

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Dump Load using Peilter thermalcouple devices.

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I was working on a dump load design that would use these peilter thermalcouple devices. They are cheap on e-bay about $8.00 each and they take 12 volts at 20 amps and give heat on one side +120 degrees and cold +32 degrees on the other side. They use these for refrigiation and small air conditioners. Instead of dumping the wind generator current into a light buld or resistor and wasting it I want to comvert the wasted energy into something useful. My system uses 24 volts and I was thinking about building a small battery shed air conditioner unit that would convert the extra dump current from the wind generator into cold air for the battery power shed. The hot side heat would be vented outside the shed. Has anyone worked with these peilter devices before? arcandspark
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You could also try asking questions of this sort of technical nature on the alt.energy newsgroups - eg. news:alt.energy.homepower or have a look at, for example, the Green Trust site which has some forums with a fairly extensive alternative energy section.

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That's another one John will have to read.

That will get his old grey matter working!

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