Solar panels

Solar energy, wind turbines whatever it is then here is your place to talk about it.
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Millymollymandy wrote:I do when I am doing the dust mite covers for the mattress and pillow slips. They should be done at 95C in order to kill off any mites. However what is really irritating is the damn things shrink so much it is a real tug of war to get it back over the mattress. I do wonder if they are really effective anyway.
The best cure for dust mites is the sun. Kills em.

Big open windows are needed for the bedrooms and, if hot available, then on a nice clear, hot day, strip the beds and leave the matteresses them selves on the lawn for a few hours.

Reall old fashioned idea!

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I've only had a proper washing machine for a few years, before that I had a twin tub, they are more reliable than washing machines, it lasted me for years.
Before that though I had this washer that you put on your draining board that you filled by hand and then turned the dial that lasted 2 minutes! - if you wanted it hot it meant boiling kettles. Okay for someone on their own but not for families, but found using cold water didn't make any difference to using hot.

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